Christmas is over. Now What?

The day has passed; you survived it. The guests are gone; the food has been eaten. The gifts have been opened; the trash has been put way.

Christmas is over. Now what?

Is just back to work and things as usual? Or, should life be different?

No matter your situation or status, we can learn from those in scripture about what to do after Christmas.

Matthew 2:1-2 describes those who still worshipped Christ–even after “Christmas”. It says “Now after the birth of Jesus … magi arrived … saying … ‘we have come to worship Him.” Like those wise men of old, we would be wise to continue worshipping our Wonderful Counselor, and praising our Prince of peace. They worshipped by being present and giving presents. We too should continue our worship by being present with Him publicly on Sundays and privately in our daily quiet times with Him. Lastly, those same wise men went home a different way and in a different way after being warned by God in a dream. Our time with the Lord should cause us to do things differently and be different, after Christmas. The grace God provided should not be taken for granted. We need to look at that area that requires change and participate in God’s plan for a change that honors Him.  So, what should we do after Christmas? Keep worshipping Him–with our presence, our presents and our participation with His plan!

If we’re honest, not everyone is happy about Christmas. It’s not just a sad reminder of what was lost, it has become a fear of what will be taken that hinders enjoyment, celebration and participation. King Herod was such as man and eventually tried to kill Jesus by killing all boys 2 years old and under. Ultimately, he was trying to prevent his throne from being taking and his rule from being usurped. He wanted to stay in charge. There are some people, like Herod, who want to stay in charge of their own life, and even the lives of others–no matter the harm it causes. It really is a form of idolatry and rebellion–to reject the rule of the Lord Jesus and rule your life yourself as your own God. Don’t do this or continuing doing this after Christmas. The Lord loves us and is a much better ruler than us. Surrender your life to Him–meaning your will, your ways–and trust Him for salvation.

There was another response after Christmas; it was that of Joseph and Mary. They proceeded to take action in protecting the gift of Jesus, the Word, they received and raise Him that He could fulfill His purpose. We can be like them and protect our God’s gift to us and growing so His will can help us fulfill our purpose. In other words, it’s time to grow. Make those courageous decisions, like Joseph, to avoid certain places and people. Grow so you can serve and help others experience a #turningpoint.

While there are other examples–like the Ana or the shepherds who continued spreading the good news of Christ, we need to decide what will we do now that Christmas is over. It can’t go back to usual; it’s got to be different; we’ve got to be different. God gave us life through Christ as a gift. Our gift to Him is giving and living our Life unto Him. 

So, now what?


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