Resurrection Sunday

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Join us for a special worship and celebration of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ our Lord! The A.M.P. ministry and more will share in facilitating an interactive worship experience where you can connect with God in a fresh way and hear God in a very clear way. Special Guests; Salome and Simon the Cyrene. Everything starts at …

Student & Family Theatrical Production: LIBERTY, EQUALITY, AND FIREWORKS!

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We’re excited to highlight the performance of one of our members–Rev. John Christopher–in an up-coming theatrical performance for students and families. —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Teachers and Parents alike have loved this play for the way it introduces a new generation of citizens to key concepts and conflicts found in our collective history. Students love entering history through the play as iconic photos from the …

Super Bowl Watching Party

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We were planning to host a Superbowl Watching Party this Sunday, 5pm in the church fellowship hall. We need to get a final count to know if we should still host the event. Please let us know your status either way by completing this survey. If you can’t open the link, please let me (Pastor Carl) know at 512.791.9952 or via …

Family Prayer Gathering

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Join us in a special time of prayer, receiving and praying for specific requests. All members, families, and the community are invited to participate. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results (NLT, James 5:16b). Request prayer now.  

Church Christmas Party

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After experiencing a tough and busy second half of the year, let’s get together for a unique family focused worship with food and fun games immediately afterwards. We’ll worship together, mingle together, eat together, play games together and have a lot of laughs together. Nothing fancy, just free and fun.

Operation Turkey: P.f. Chang’s (Downtown Austin)

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We’ve been demonstrating God’s love the last few Thanksgivings by preparing and serving meals for homeless and those less fortunate through the Operation Turkey program. If possible, please plan to serve again with us a few hours on Thanksgiving morning.  We’re asking everyone wear their “Need Prayer / Ask Me” shirts. For more information, see Sis. Tenea Harvey at …