Gaining God’s Favor

Many people want ‘the hookup’; while others want to ‘make it’ themselves. The reality is no one survives or thrives without the help of others. We need the favor of others. As believers in Christ, we have access to the favor of God, but we need to operate in it.
Sunday’s message, by Pastor Harvey via Numbers 14:24, showed Caleb as an example on how to gain God’s favor in the midst of discipline and even disappointment. Below are summarized #turningpoints.

Like Israel, it’s a dangerous thing to trust others and not God.

To gain God’s favor, like Caleb …

  1. Show your faith in God, based on His provided commands and proven character.
  2. Obey God, by faith, and don’t forget to do what He has already said.
  3. Show confidence in God–by waiting on Him to deliver on His promise.
    • Note: Caleb received his promise in Joshua 14.

With your faith and God’s favor, you can say like Caleb … “Lord, give me my mountain!”

Questions for growth …

  1. What’s hindering you from showing your faith?
  2. What has said that you have not obeyed yet?
  3. What’s preventing you from waiting on God’s promise?

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