What’s in your prayers?

Grace and peace family,

There’s a commercial that states how some credit cards short change you on bonus points, change the accumulation rate, or collect points restrictively. It continues by sharing there is a card that is consistent and non-restrictive. Then the question is raised … “what’s in your wallet?”

In Matthew 26, Jesus’ heart is heavy; His body is tired; He knows He is about to face abandonment, betrayal, opposition, accusations, torture and ultimately death. In that moment, He prayed. After multiple moments of prayer, He was able to continue–ultimately to His death but also His resurrection. 

When you face moments like Christ, do you even pray? If so, what’s in your prayers?

Jesus’ prayer was based in reality. He asked if there was another way to complete His mission. The prayer displayed His humility when He ended multiple times “not my will, but Yours be done.”  His prayer showed His generosity in that He prayed for the future solidarity, strength, security and service of His disciples and even us (John 17). After that prayer, angels ministered to Him. 

What’s in your prayers, especially when under attack, facing abandonment, or  accusations?  Be bold enough to ask God, but humble enough to accept and act on God’s response. Trust that God will strengthen you for the journey, equip you for the task and be with you through the experience. 

Like Christ, our situation is never just about us, so be mindful of others in your prayers. Sometimes God’s help comes supernaturally and other times naturally through others. Either way, be ready to act in obedience to His response. Even if it is a big sacrifice, we learn from Christ, that God restores and resurrects. 

So, as we continue to make turningpoints in  life, remember what’s in your prayers affects what’s in your turningpoint. 

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