A Prayer for Marriages

Dear God,

I praise you today for who you are.
I come to you on behalf of married couples.

You instituted marriage and family.

You made a precious connection when you created Eve from Adam’s rib.

They would be mates and help meet one another’s needs, raise a family, and oversee your creation.

I pray for a hedge of protection around married couples.

Please work in their hearts and guide them to love each another as they should.

May their priorities be ordered by You, with You at the center of their marriage.

May they guard their families and be good stewards of all you have bestowed–and will bestow–upon them.

Strengthen their marriages and give power, wisdom, and guidance to each partner to stay on guard against temptations—the things and people that Satan would throw at them in an effort to destroy their marriages and families.

Bless each marriage union.

Work in and through these couples and families to minister to one another and to others, to encourage the body of Christ and to glorify you.

May we be godly examples to others.

In the name of Jesus Christ, the Head of the Church, I pray, amen.

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