Know Your Enemy, but Resist Him!

Check out the Sunday sermon series on Spiritual Warfare for messages pertaining to winning your spiritual battles.

Paul wrote about Satan so we would not be ignorant of is schemes (2 Corinthians 2:11).
Peter wrote about the Devil in his first letter (1 Peter 5:8-11):
  • vs. 8: The devil exists
  • vs. 8: The devil is the believer’s enemy
  • vs. 8: The devil engages directly and indirectly
  • vs. 8: The devil is sneaking, stealthy moving around
  • vs. 8: The devil is searching–for young believers, isolated believers, sick/malnourished believers, weak believers, blind, busy, distracted or deceived believers; he’s on the hunt
  • vs. 8: The devil is sounding off (roaring) to distract, deceive and distress¬†believers
  • vs. 8: The devil is swallowing up folks; it’s not enough to distract, deceive, or distress; he wants to destroy … steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10)

As believers, we should:

  • vs. 8: be sober, somber/controlled, not mind-altered, not intoxicated by suffering or substances
  • vs. 8: be awake, alert, actively looking for devilish attacks
  • vs. 9: Resist the devil, stand against him, refuse to yield, follow, submit, give in, give up
  • vs. 9: Remain firm in [your] faith–persuaded in your relationship with God, confident in God’s power and promises, steadfast in obedience to God (unyielding, strong)
  • vs. 7: Relinquish/Submit to God & resist the devil so he may flee – follow Jesus example is resisting, which is obeying God & His word (Matt. 4)
  • vs. 9: Remember aware/mindful of other’s suffering–know you’re not alone; it’s a shared suffering meaning a shared prayer and praise

Stay encouraged; you’re winning while you’re resisting.

  • vs. 10: Your suffering has an expiration date.
  • vs. 10: God’s grace strengthens you through your suffering
  • vs. 10: God’s grace perfects and polishes you through your suffering
  • vs. 10: God’s grace establishes/grounds/anchors you through your suffering

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