It’s alright; it’s ok; trouble won’t last always 

Wednesday’s word: “It’s alright; it’s ok; trouble don’t last always” by Rev. Maxwell via 2 Kings 5
Trouble has no respect of person. 

We ask “why me”, “why this” and “why now” but trouble doesn’t know us.

No matter how much we do to dodge trouble, we will still experience trouble. 

Like Naaman, be willing to take the advice of someone lesser (in education, in economics, etc) to help you with your trouble. 

God often uses those smaller, or seen as lesser to guide us to relief for our trouble; so humbly hear and heed the word of God the way God wants it to be done. 

Like Naaman, don’t ignore those around you who push you to obey the word of God. 

Naaman went to see a man of a God, but met God. 

God not only guides us through trouble but out of trouble … not just to be free, but to meet and experience Him.

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  1. Trouble is the place where the believer can experience GOD.

    Tell GOD about your trouble, and then get up and go tell your trouble about your GOD.Tell trouble that your GOD IS A trouble shooter.

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