Help for Hurricane Harvey Survivors


We are all aware of the devastating affects and loss due to  Hurricane Harvey, as well as the enormous amount of help being made available.  Though many of us have given and volunteered individually, we want to increase our efforts by giving and serving together. For those who may not have given or volunteered in some fashion, remember it’s our duty as believers in Christ to serve others (Galatians 5:13). With that said, Turning Point is joining the effort as a family by collecting and building encouragement kits to donate to survivors–those residing in shelters around the city as well as those remotely. Each kits will contain items for daily use and a note of encouragement–prayerfully to provide hope and show love.

Join us in donating these encouragement kits to the Austin Disaster Relief Network for survivors of Hurricane Harvey. Donate $38 per kit or donate specific items to a kit. Every kit will have an encouragement letter from those who sponsor a kit or from those building kits. If donating items, please bring them to Turning Point Bible Fellowship on Sundays, 12:30pm-3:30pm so they can be assembled and delivered.

The link below describes how you can sign-up to donate various items for kits and ensure every kit is fully furnished.


If you desire to sponsor one or more kits, you can also donate $38 directly to the Austin Disaster Relief Network. Otherwise, send or drop-off items to the church and we will assemble them for delivery. We have been told that pre-assembled kits contribute to faster distribution, so please join us in that effort.

Let’s keep facilitating Christ-like #turningpoints in the lives of those who desperately need it! Let’s be prayerful and generous and please share this with those you know. 

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