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God created us to be with in a relationship with Him; but our sins (disobedient nature to God) separate us from God. Sins can not be removed by doing any goods. Paying the price for sin (separation by death), Jesus died then rose. Everyone who trusts in Jesus (His death, burial and resurrection as payment for your sins and acceptance by God), will have eternal life. Life that is eternal means we will be with Him forever. Click here to read more of the gospel.

Does that make sense? Call us (512.799.7574) or email for prayer (, to ask any question, or to let us know of your new relationship with God. We would love to send you information to help you begin a fruitful relationship with the Lord.

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Life is never meant to be lived alone! It is meant to be supported in the context of family. The Turning Point church can be your extended and spiritual family. Let’s navigate through the turning points of life together!