Reading God’s Word

Small Group Bible Study

Turningpoints are encounters with God--experientially and spiritually through His word. It's crucial that followers of Christ read and study God's word to hear and discern God's voice as well as to know God's will and ways.

F260 is a tool to enable us to read and study God's word together in 3 ways--(1) via the youversion Bible app, (2) with your own bible and a physical reading plan, or (3) on the church website clicking the appropriate day's reading.

Let us know that you're joining us in reading through the new testament bible. We would love to encourage you along the way.

  • If you prefer phone calls or text messages, please enter your phone number. It will only be used with respect to your signed up.
  • Please check all the boxes that capture your interests in serving and/or for learning.

The reading plan schedules 5 reading days with the weekends off for catching up, studying more, or taking a break. Also included is one memory verse per week. We encourage members to take notes in your spiritual journal on what God emphasis to you. When ready, and if possible share that with other friends for accountability and fellowship to sharpen and strengthen each other. Click the logo to download the plan.

The bible app contains the reading plan by calendar, the passages for reading, the memory verse per week, and space to take notes and share with those reading in a group. You can read privately or in the church group. The church group will also contain commentary from the pastoral team to help everyone gain and grow from the daily reading. Click the logo to join the plan.

Click the appropriate link below to read online and visit the blog daily to read the pastoral chapter summaries.