You can Come Back by Dr. Tony Evans

You Can Come Back Days after the tragedy of 9/11 struck our nation’s soul, members of the special forces known as the Green Berets were asked to pack their bags, leave their families and head straight into the heart of warfare. While each of us back home struggled to come to grips with the devastation that came about so suddenly, …

Take me to the Water ….

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We’re excited about baptizing and publicly announcing a few more have been added to God’s family. They are demonstrating outwardly, what God has done inwardly. Join us in support and celebration for those being baptized, receiving bibles, certificates and a word of encouragement.

21 Days of Prayer and Fasting

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Join our prayer … As a family, we come together in Unity desiring more of you Lord. We pray for more of your manifested PRESENCE flowing in our services. We  pray for more of your POWER operating in our lives, so that we will be PARTAKERS of more of your PROMISES you have already PREDESTINED for our Church Family, and in our …

Reminder to share your testimony.

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Grace and peace family, Now that we’ve finished the study on “Do you believe”, we’re ready to share that belief with others. So, every Sunday leading up to Easter, we’re committed to equip, encourage and empower everyone to share the gospel. If guests are present, we commit to sharing the gospel so they hear a clear presentation the Lord can …