We are a Christ Centered Church with Christ Centered Ministries and have a Pastor with a Christ Centered message!

Here you will find love, acceptance, help, hope, forgiveness, encouragement and an opportunity to help others.

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May these messages and resources encourage, equip and empower as we turn towards Christ in every area of life. Feel free to share, leave a note, ask questions or prayer.

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Give through us.

Housing Assistance

Whether homeless or needing housing help, giving helps us provide shelter.

Grocery Assistance

Giving helps us provide and partner with those in providing groceries to those in need.

Education Assistance

Scholarships are given to high school and college graduates through giving.

Material Assistance

Clothing, baby items, hygiene products and other items are provided through giving.
Partner with us in giving to facilitate #turningpoints in the lives of others.

Support Assistance

Counseling, visitation, hospital care and other forms of support are enabled through giving.