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7 Last Words
by Carl Harvey on February 7th, 2021
The schedule below provides the zoom link and information about the worship and word each week related to one of the sayings of Christ on the Cross.The following preachers will expound on one of the sayings of Christ:Pastor Lewis Johnson, Jr.Rev. Norman TownsellRev. Don GoodenRev. John ChristopherRev. Harold HendricksPastor WhitePastor MaxwellThe says are found in the following scriptures:Luke 23:...  Read More
by Carl Harvey on December 16th, 2020
RSVP and show up on time. It will be fun, funny and nice celebration. Oh, there's 4 chances to win some nice Christmas prizes!Share and Invite....  Read More
TPBF Church App
by Carl Harvey on September 15th, 2020
A few benefits of using the church app ...Enjoy being connected.Staying informed of the latest announcements, events, prayer requests and more.Joining online events directly and quickly;Access pages, giving, emails and numbers directly and quickly.Listening or reading the latest messages, testimonies and turning points.Share messages, testimonies, turning points or gospel flyers quickly.Access the...  Read More
Celebration Sunday Survey
by Carl Harvey on September 1st, 2020
Let us prepare to return.  Read More
Lets talk about it
by Carl Harvey on May 31st, 2020
Angry. Mad. Frustrated. Tired. Hurt. Speechless. Ready to fight. Ready to act. Prayerful. These are just some of the words shared to express people's state after learning and even watching the murder of Mr. George Floyd, before finishing processing the murder of Ahmaud Arbery and others.While adults are struggling to process all this, parents are trying to figure out how to help their children pro...  Read More
The S.T.E.L.L.A.R.S. 2020
by Carl Harvey on May 30th, 2020
Thank God for students who love God and excel academically, athletically, socially and in other areas letting their light shine!The STELLARs (Student ExceLLence and Achievement Recognition) provide the church an opportunity to see how the Lord blessed our students during the school year. We also get to celebrate our graduates--both high school and college.Because of our current virtual worships, w...  Read More
Lets Connect
by Carl Harvey on May 30th, 2020
On Sunday, May 31st, we want to host a virtual visit--right before worship.Members and followers should have received cross kits and assembled them prior to worship. At the beginning of worship, we will use the zoom "Raise Hand" so the host can enable your video and audio to show your group wearing your cross and saying hello.  Be ready; it will go fast.Scripture highlights how the early church de...  Read More
Supper Time
by Carl Harvey on April 4th, 2020
Grace and peace family,We pray the Lord is keeping you. As Psalm 121 says, He never sleeps or nods and definitely shields His children—not from everything but from unprofitable things, so that He is always working to mature us and enable us to know Him, trust Him and glorify Him.One of the things the Lord told us to remember was His sacrifice on the cross and its life-changing and time-changing im...  Read More