Christianity in Black History

Christianity in Black History

In an effort to lure people from and prevent people from following Jesus, so much is being said about Christianity and Jesus today that simply is not true. Many Christian scholars, including those of African descent, have refuted lies on the origins of Christianity, expose the roles and impact of Africans or Blacks in Christianity prior to westernization and remind of God's power through Jesus Christ and His word.
The resources listed below are examples of good scholarly and biblical insight into Christianity in Black History.
Christian Heroes in Black History ...  little known stories on the faith of famous blacks
Gospel Haymanot ... theological history of Christianity affecting the Black church and experience
Reading while Black ... Understanding Christian in a Black context
A Multitude of Peoples ... the history and spread of Christianity in the world
How Africa Shaped the Christian Mind ... the impact of Africa on Christianity
The Black Presence in the Bible ... the Who's Who of African descent in the Bible

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