Friends-n-Family Day

5th Sunday Fun & Fellowship

Lets get everyone together!

Making right the Family, Living in God's Purpose
Every 5th Sunday we celebrate Friends & Family Day by inviting friends and family to fellowship and worship with us. It's a time where God does a work of reconnection, renewal, revival.

Below are some tips to use:
  1. Please make a list of at least three friends and family members.
  2. Ask them to save this date and join us in-person for sharing fun and our faith together.
    1. The address is 1812 E. M. Franklin Ave | Austin, TX 78721
  3. Use text, email, phone calls, social media with this link to contact them now.
    1. Here's the link again:
  4. Follow up with them on Friday, October 29th and Saturday October 30th as a reminder.
  5. Start praying now for God to bless when we all get together.

Thank you for participating and we're trusting God to bless on that day!

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