Join us for QnA over BnB

Have you had a question but couldn't figure out the answer from the Bible?
Are you hearing questions from others but don't have answers to share?
Are there passages of scripture that are hard to understand?
Do you have questions about the issues and events happening today?

At Brunch-n-Bible, our ministerial team and others present will attempt to answer those questions over a brunch.

Please send your questions to or submit to

Take this opportunity, preferably in person but also online, to get a turning point in those areas of questions. Equip yourself to give answers to others so they can have a turning point. Invite others so they can ask questions live and receive a turning point for themself.

Let's do Brunch-n-Bible!

Temperature checks will still occur and masks should be worn--when not eating. Social distancing will be established for everyone to be safe and comfortable.

Please send your questions to or submit to

If you would like to provide brunch on a particular Sunday, you can sign up below.

Click here to learn more about attending.

You may also ask your question below.

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