Who am I in Christ?

A Bible Reading Plan for Students

As we focus on partnering with God, through prayer, to make right the family ...
It's important for us, especially students, to know who really are and how God sees as as His partners. This is a 10-day bible reading plan. Each day reveals something about our identity and how God sees us. There is also the opportunity to ask questions or share insights to help each other. Pastor Carl will be on the plan to answer questions and share insights that can help with younger children also.

If you are a parent of younger children, please consider reading this plan as a family and help them understand. If you are a parent of older children, please encourage them to participate. If you or they do not have an account with the Bible app, please consider creating an account. It is free and it is a great tool for spiritual growth through bible reading, prayer logging, and devotionals. 

To join the plan, click the image above or click hereYou can also copy-n-paste the link below.

Would you read the Bible Plan, Who I Am In Christ, with me?
If you can't use the Bible app for some reason, here is reading plan. You can also text questions to Pastor Carl, post them below or here.
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