Election 2021

God and government go together!

Prior to the 2020 election, Turning Point church taught a series on Biblical Politics and how God and government go together. The Christian has responsibility to love God, love others and live righteously--including in their political voting, political discussions and political advocacy. Often, government, media and political parties frame the issue with extremes that create further division--a tactic of Satan, the enemy of God. God has called and blessed his followers to be peacemakers--even in politics and political discussions. This looks like loving God by honoring Him with an alignment and profession of truth--based on His Word, AND loving others by showing compassion knowing the nuances of various issues and people's lives. This requires the wisdom of God and leading of the Holy Spirit.

Please take a moment to learn more or refresh your memory on Biblical Politics and Peacemakers (Peacemaker checklist) as you prepare to vote this election season. If you have questions, please ask them at turningpointbfc.org/discuss or email them to questions@turningpointbfc.org.

Click the icons below to learn what's on the ballot and the details for this voting season.

Click the Statewide Ballot Measures below for details

Click the Travis County Ballot Measures below for details

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