Growth Groups

Growth Conversations

Growth conversations occur when questions and answers facilitate a dialog of accountability, motivation, assistance, admonishment and encouragement in one’s desire to grow upward in their love for God, inward in their love for others and outwards in their love for our neighbors—the unsaved.

Each person should regularly choose at least one area of growth in their love for God, love for others and love for their neighbor—producing at least three S.M.A.R.T. goals.
Love for GodLove for OthersLove for Neighbors
Bible reading and/or studyChurch attendancePrayer
Prayer and/or fastingServing in/through churchCare
Love for God - Questions for discussion
  1. How often have you been reading or studying your Bible and what have you been learning or what scripture has recently impacted you?
  2. How often have you been praying and fasting and what has God impressed on your heart?
  3. What did God place on your heart that required obedience on your part? How did it go?

Love for Others - Questions for discussion
  1. What church events have you been attending?
  2. What impact is serving others having on yourself and/or others? How are you using your gifts, talents or abilities?
  3. How can we be praying, encouraging or helping you though any struggles—in relationships, sexual purity or other areas?

Love for Neighbors - Questions for discussion
  1. Who are you praying to be saved or come to church right now?
  2. How are you showing the care, or love of God right now?
  3. What was the result of sharing the gospel with someone?
Turning Point uses growth groups to facilitate growth conversations. But, these conversations can happen among any believer in Christ.  Please let us know if you have any questions or need help getting started. Email us at

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